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About Us

Our History

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The Beginning

Nur Muhammad Zen is a cigarette entrepreneur specializing in the development of Hand-rolled Kretek Cigarettes, he has been pursuing his career in cigarette manufacturing for 16 years since 1989. On 15th of August 2005, Nur Muhammad Zen founded his own cigarette company named “Mustika Tembakau Indonesia” (MTI). The first unit was established in the sub-district of Tanggulangin and is still operating to this day.

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Slow and Steady

Three years after the founding, Mustika Tembakau Indonesia built its second production facility in the sub-district of Sukodono. This has opened up opportunities to enter a larger market in various cities across Indonesia.

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We decided to relocate our second production facility in the sub-district of Tanggulangin, near our first production facility. At the same time, it is also the beginning of the expansion era where we built the third production facility in the sub-district of Sidoarjo as well as the development of various Hand-rolled Kretek cigarettes brand.

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This year, we are entering the exploration and innovation era, where our company has created various tobacco products such as filter cigarettes and cigars.

Our Vision & Mission

  • Vision

    Becoming the largest contributor of the country’s economic development through cigarette manufacturing.

  • Mission

    Enhancing the value of Tobacco products and people’s quality of life with hard work and persistence.

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